Mahmoud GÜL
Industrial buildings are developing because of the development of industry in general. industrial structures are used by the industrial sector to store raw materials or make items. Normal industrial buildings and special industrial buildings are the two major categories of industrial buildings. Large building that can contain a large number of workers with big machineries. This study is to provide the best choice when it comes to decide the needed industrial buildings type to be constructed. This paper will contain a full study for steel industrial structure building type. Steel type used in the steel design S235, this type of steel was used because it’s most used type for structural buildings, its cost is an important factor for using it as well, as long as its strength. SAP2000 was the computational tool that to be used for simulating the designs and to obtain the optimum design for each type in terms of safety standards, quality, loads and cost. Primavera P6 computational tool used to clarify the cost-time estimation for each type. Material cost and construction cost have been obtained from local companies’ price offers. Based on the results of this study, the structure was safe and can handle the standards and the loads assigned to it. In addition to, steel industrial building takes 1,069,080.00 TL and 50 days to construct.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Industrial structure, Steel, SAP 2000, Primavera P6, Time estimation, Cost estimation.