Nejdet ŞEN, Gökberk BABUŞCUOĞLU, Leyla ÖNLÜ
With the development of technology, plastic part usage is increasing in automotive industry day by day. The fundamental expectations from these plastic parts are coating neighbor parts and obtaining aesthetics assembly structures. Using extra parts such as clips, buttons, felts, rubbers, or foams is one of the most common methods in order to create better matching lines and position the parts in literature. However, using extra parts has some disadvantages such as extra cost, some assembly and transportation problems. In this study, an alternative 3D design solution is proposed which is a solid part of the plastic instead of using extra damping materials. The developed solution provides the same assembly and vibration performance with using elastic properties of the plastic material. For the virtual validations, the characteristic properties of the plastic material are achieved. The elastic support solution which is currently used in production line is verified by virtual analyses and physical tests. Therefore, plastic part is positioned without using any other extra part. In addition to subject, cost improvement is obtained; some assembly and transportation problems are solved since cancelation of extra part. As the output of this study, the optimum solution without extra cost is proposed and an input is contributed to the literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler: interior trim, plastic assembly, plastic support, automotive plastic parts, plastic part support, elastic support