Hasan ÜZÜLMEZ, Bayram AKDEMİR, Süleyman CANAN
Today, new technologies and usage areas have emerged within the scope of Industry 4.0. In the industrial field, we entered a period in which human-machine and machine-machine interaction were reconstructed and the human factor gradually decreased. New technologies are being developed and becoming more common in order to reduce human-induced problems and increase productivity. It can be implemented by creating flexible control architectures with IoT-based control systems that can be accessed, controlled and reconfigured remotely. The subject of this study is to ensure that the cranes used for transporting heavy loads in the industrial area are used by operators with sufficient competence in terms of occupational safety and efficiency, with an IoT-based authorization system. In an enterprise where cranes are used, the uncontrolled use of cranes by all personnel increases the possibility of work accidents and causes the cranes to malfunction due to misuse. For this reason, businesses should only be able to designate personnel who have the necessary competence and certificates for crane use as crane operators. Operators are dynamically determining and authorizing done through an interface. Thanks to the fact that the crane control system is accessible over the internet, it is possible to monitor and control the system using the internet-based authorization interface. Thus, the information of the operator controlling the crane and the crane can be monitored instantly, and reporting can be made about the crane and the operator. By using the information obtained about the use of cranes, it will be ensured that enterprises can evaluate efficiency and capacity. In this study, the results obtained from the application of the authorization system designed to make cranes safer are shared.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Industry 4.0, IoT, Internet of Things, Crane Control System