Mert ÇEKÜÇ, Munir ELFARRA, Halil İbrahim ÜNLÜ
Rotorcraft Air Conditioning System aims to provide comfortable thermal environment for the crew and passengers. According to aviation standards, minimum required amount of fresh air for crew and passengers shall be provided to cockpit/cabin zones during all flight phases. The systems consist of many equipment and air distribution ducting package that varies depending on the air conditioning methods, and installation location on the rotorcraft. They include at least one fan and low-pressure air distribution ducting. Air ducting’s have long routing, variable cross sections and diameter values. The fans consist of two sections such as rotor and stator. Stator is straightening the flow. However, they are not sufficient to smooth the air flow in rotorcraft air distribution ducting system. Therefore, the air flow straighteners are used to provide uniform air distribution in the cockpit air distribution ducting. The straighteners are designed depending on the air distribution ducting routing, although there are identified many different types like zanker, fin, vortab for them. In this study, air distribution ducting, installed and used on the rotorcraft, is improved via the air flow straighteners to provide uniform air mass flow rate distribution. Air velocity values are measured from all air outlets at different rotational fan speeds as experimental. The air flow straighteners are created via 3-D program for the related air distribution ducting and the calculations are utilized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The results of all CFD studies are compared. ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3619-8461

Anahtar Kelimeler: Air conditioning system, air flow, straightener, fan, rotor, stator, CFD.