Automatic control becomes more and more important for the automobile industry. In application areas such as passenger safety, environmental protection and passenger comfort, control functions are implemented in the vehicle electronic control units. In the engine control unit for example, there are several algorithms to reduce emissions, to improve the engine power output and to protect against damage from engine failures. Compensation of drivetrain oscillations and the adaptive control of automatic gear boxes are examples for applications in the drivetrain area. ABS control, suspension control and vehicle dynamic control increase the driveability of the vehicle and support the driver in dangerous situations. Airbag-systems with automatic recognition of seat occupancy improve passive safety of the passengers in case of an accident. Another large area of control applications are comfort functions like air-condition or navigation systems. Most of these functions require sophisticated signal processing and control algorithms, which are based on models for the system dynamics. In the modern passenger cars, to avoid the accidents or to limit the damage that caused from accidents, the control systems as: Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) have been improved along years. So, studying parameters of vehicles -as Sideslip angle- is very important to improve the accuracy of vehicles control systems and to have a fully understanding about vehicles dynamic. Unfortunately, the Sideslip angle cannot be measure directly because it considered as the difference between actual heading and velocity vector of the car. Although, it is important to calculate the Sideslip angle in Real Time (RT) to provide the ability of improving the task of vehicle control systems. So, in this project, the cheap electronic components and extended Kalman filter (EKF) are used in implement a practical experiment on measuring the vehicle Sideslip angle in Real Time. (This study was produced from the master's thesis of the first author.)

Anahtar Kelimeler: EKF: Extended Kalman Filter, ABS: Antilock Braking System, ESC: Electronic Stability Control