Dear Scientist;

In the International Congress on Engineering Sciences and Multidisciplinary Approaches (ESMAC) to be held for the seventh, we are pleased and glad to be together with you, the scientists who contribute to the scientific field and literature. In the congress, all disciplines related to the engineering fields are included as well as the subjects related to the fields of architecture and design. We would like to thank cordially our participants who did not leave us alone and appreciated our works in our previous meeting.

Our congress will be held in stanbul with the participation of domestic and foreign universities. Our Congress hosts studies prepared in the field and disciplines of engineering and scientific studies in the field of architecture, fine arts and design. We will also include scientific studies prepared in the field of employee health and job security in our congress. Joint multidisciplinary studies prepared on engineering and economics management will also be accepted within our congress.

Believing in the principle that science is universal, we aim to offer the relationship between different disciplines as well as the communication desired to provide the participants with other disciplines by including the fields of studies such as the design, production, economic dimension, international law, logistics, transport, marketing, management and applications of the studies in many different fields, especially in accordance with today's and future technologies.

Our hope is that every participant and the esteemed people of science and business world who follow our congress can benefit from the presentationsperformedand contribute to the related fieldswhile following our congress with pleasure.We would like to thank you for all your support, participation and suggestions and we look forward to your participation in our congress.

Our congress is supported by the decision of the social affairs institution coordinator of Gazi University dated 01.02.2022 and numbered E-66131217-839-280000 and the decision of the Rectorate of Nianta University with the number E-53822972-051.01-13408 dated 04.02.2022 and is organized with its affiliates. 

Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir GÜLLÜ

(Gazi University - Turkey)

Congress Chairman

Prof. Dr. Rakesh JAIN

(Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur - India)

Congress Co-Chairman