Serhat ÇELİK, Ünver KAYNAK, M. Kadri AKTAŞ
Urbanization is the biggest trend of the 21st century and this trend does not seem to be decreasing when increasing market demands with populaton is considered. Technology today has given the opportunity to build most advanced cities ever and makes possible sustainability of city life, yet this comes with a huge problem. Average traffic flow speeds of large cities during the day are at the lowest values ever. Population density is not making easy to build more infrastructure. Besides, pollution and noise produced by cars are other problems that is very hard to overcome. Solution foreseen by the authorites to these problems is eVTOL systems eVTOL, is the general name to define any electrical aerial vehicle that can take off and land without the need of runway. There is considerable amount of conceptual eVTOL designs to meet on-demand urban air transportation needs. Aircraft concept design choices are highly critical for meeting the requirements at the start. Intelligent choices must be worked out in the early design phase in order not to struggle with too many impractical configurations. In this work, vertical take-off propulsion system of an eVTOL is examined and the most appropriate choices tried to be made. The work is mainly focused on vertical take-off system of a “lift + cruise” type aircraft. This vehicle has intended range of 100 km and the capacity to carry 4 passengers with one pilot.

Anahtar Kelimeler: EVTOL, Electric Propulsion, Aircraft Design,