Seyhan SEYHAN, Banu Çiçek KURDOĞLU
Landscape is the areas that people perceive and shape, where natural and artificial elements are present and interact. It is seen that these areas have changed and developed over time in line with different uses and needs. Exactly at this point, the necessity of planning these areas in order to use the right area and meet the needs emerges. In this direction, landscape planning is a planning in which evaluations are made about how the landscape should be used in the past, present and future, the environment and ecology are improved, and human needs are addressed. In this planning approach, it is necessary to create natural-artificial-cultural landscape component compositions for different spaces and for these spaces in order to use the right space and meet the needs of people. Landscape design decisions are taken in line with planning. landscape design; It is a process in which many factors such as functional, aesthetic, creative, perceptual, ecological, natural, cultural and historical are evaluated and decisions are made. In this process, designers enter the scenario process in order to give direction to landscape designs. In the scenario process, designers; The changes and developments that may occur in the landscape reveal alternatives about how and in which direction the landscape can change and develop in line with human needs. In relation to the upper scale planning decisions, a separate scenario process is entered for the landscapes whose borders are determined and alternatives are put forward. It is very important for designers to be able to spend alternative scenario preparation processes efficiently in order to make decisions on the right use of space for landscapes, to foresee sustainable approaches, to create compositions in which components are associated with each other, and to meet human needs. In this direction, in the statement; Information will be given about the scenario processes of landscape planning and design issues that are covered within the scope of Environmental Design Project I-II-III-IV-V-VI courses given during the education period of Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Landscape Architecture.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Landscape, Landscape Planning and Design, Scenario Processes